Inspection Trip

Viewing Trip

Esmeralda Real Estate will arrange a trip to view our projects on the site, which will provide more relevant information and a clear picture in our clients minds.

Esmeralda Real Estate will arrange a pick up from the airport to the hotel. Once you are ready, with one of our agent, you will start your specially crafted viewing trip. This trip will include the projects you are interested in; apartments, houses, and any other related property.

With the help of our agent, you will not only view the projects but also have an idea of daily living, by visiting the places close to the property.

Inspenction Trip

Esmeralda Real Estate will organize an inspection trip if asked by the client. This trip will include more technical insights of the properties that we promote.

Please contact Esmeralda Real Estate for more information

office: +90 242 513 00 91

Fax: +90 242 512 33 35

Mobile: +90 532 466 80 82


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