About Alanya

310 – 320 sunny days per year

Alanya has a mild and tropical climate, the many natural seas, land caves, the wildlife parks, valleys and rivers are all worth seeing in this modern nature paradise. Alanya experiences a typical Mediterranean climate with 310-320 sunny days per year. By comparison with other regions Alanya has special characteristics. Through the mountains in the East, North and West the cool winds from the interior are broken making it possible to bath in the sea for over 10 months of the year.

Information about Alanyaabout_alanya_1

Alanya is a tourist resort located on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast often referred to as “The Pearl of the Turkish Riviera”. The city of Alanya is a large town on the seacoast.
To the east and west of Alanya lies inviting turquoise sea fringed by extensive golden beaches. The magnificent Taurus Mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop to this enchanting resort.

The Red Tower

Crowning the headland is a sprinkling of Citadel towers and just below there is a delightful harbour guarded by the RedTower, an unusual building with rich history. Adjacent to the tower are the dockyards where five vessels could be worked on at a time. Next to the dockyards is a tower called Tophane Kule, where cannons were cast during Ottoman times. Nearby close to the seashore there is a cave called Damlatas.

Damlatas Caveabout_alanya_2

Damlatas Cave was discovered in 1948 quite by accident while mining for building of the harbour. It is located at the western foot of the peninsula. There is a 50 m passage at the entrance. After the passage there comes a cylinderical cavity. This leads to the basement of the cave. The stalactite and stalagmites inside the cave were formed in 15 thousand years. Besides its fascinating beauty the cave is famous with its air which is beneficial to asthmatic patients.



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